Naturopathic Cleanse Retreats .

Hit the Refresh Button for the Body


Peter has had experience of helping people through naturopathic regimes since 1994. He has run cleanse weeks such as these for groups of people since 2006. Please express interest if you would like to be kept updated on dates.

Naturopathy has always partly been about accelerating and optimising the removal of old wastes and debris from the body, always starting with the digestive tract since it has two functions - the digestion and absorption of food and the passage of the bulk of wastes from the body in general which have been processed by the liver. Naturopathy has also always been about enhancing the way the body works in terms of nutrient delivery to every part of the body, together with this enhanced waste removal. It creates an enhanced flow.

However, optimising the body in this physical way seems to lead to old non-physical issues surfacing to be looked at. Most of the work we can do with ourselves is on the level of desires, beliefs and emotions which are part of the inevitable human condition. It is limiting to just address the physical without these other levels or just address the other levels without the physical. For those reading this whose self-responsibility is already at the level of addressing life's issues as your own creations, you may find yourself plateauing in the process or coming up against physical processes that are difficult to manage and balance out. If you don't understand this physical level in terms of nutrition and naturopathy at this point please consider how likely you are to limit the amount of this deeper and more internal work you can do.

What You Will Take Away

At Rhiw Goch we aim to enhance your knowledge of nutritional and naturopathic principles and tools to allow you to remain in this flow of enhanced wellness, processing desires, beliefs, emotions and physical symptoms more easily. This is the difference between what we offer and what most other places seen to offer in terms of naturoapthic retreats: we don't do it all for you, you get hands on experience that you can take away and the ability to clarify things with us any time. You will have extensive lectures that empower you with principles and information for taking yourself forward from the point your leave. You will have the chance for follow up emails and calls to make sure you are on the right track.

The Power Cleanse.

A week long intensive cleanse for people wanting serious change in their lives. As long as you already more or less understand the principles of naturopathy then this may be the one for you. It is a serious challenge for most people and you cannot expect to feel physically, mentally and emotionally good all week. Long held emotions are often pushed to the surface to be released and many people want a lot of quiet time to themselves to reflect, however we are also experts at facilitating people through the transformation of whatever may come to the surface and provide a safe and supportive environment. The gardens of Rhiw Goch are perfect for self reflection! You could even choose to camp and have a space completely on your own to retreat to, while saving some money too. Exercise and fresh air are also very important to move waste and deepen the cleanse, every day will include opportunities for walks, bike rides, Tai chi/Chi Kung (qigong) or yoga.

The regime that is presented is more intense than more common ones that are based solely on raw food and juices.


There are fibrous drinks including other substances to absorb any possible irritants passing through the gut that would otherwise make us feel more unwell on a cleanse.

Limited Food

The food comprises a single richly varied raw vegan meal. The whole regime is very low in any form of sugar, even natural ones. There is a morning smoothie of citrus, oil and other spices such as fresh ginger. With limited food the body naturally turns its resources onto cleansing rather than digestion and assimilation of food. This is an essential naturopathic principle.


There is a frequent low level but potent natural nutrient intake to help stimulate the process.

The Juices

wheatgrass The two daily large juices are freshly made from non-sweet vegetables in a high quality masticating juicer. This gives us electrolytes and other minerals in their natural raw organic forms, plant hormones and enzymes, chlorophyll and other beneficial nutrients.

The Minerals

There are plentiful amounts of the maximum strength liquid organic colloidal minerals from Utah - a full-spectrum organic trace mineral supplement. It is the longest selling supplement on the US market! In body electronics it has been used extensively by many hundreds if not thousands of people over 30 years or more.

Circulation and Movement

This has always been at the core of naturopathy - circulation of blood and lymph can be temporarily enhanced in several ways including exercise, and this forms a crucial part of any such programme.

More Internal Work

During a cleanse at Rhiw Goch you will be away from civilisation, you can stop your normal busy day to day life. This tends to bring all that internal stuff closer to the surface making it a good time to make progress - allow your stuff some air time! Tools such as breathwork, pointholding and naturopathic hydrotherapy techniques can be used to help these processes along.

Mucoid Plaque

MUCOID PLAQUE as it has come to be called in naturopathic circles. This is often in the form of material shaped like the intestines. Specific plant substances facilitate this process, having an astringent effect on the gut, or enhancing peristalsis to loosen any freshly exuded or pre-existing waste material. Once this material has passed, the stools return to a normal consistency and colour despite being on the same regime.

Who Might Want to Do Such A Regime?

The week attracts therapists and people who have been working on themselves spiritually, emotionally and nutritionally for some years - it is not a complete beginner's regime and it is certainly not easy. It is not done in an environment where someone can come to be completely looked after, everyone must be self responsible to some degree. Everyone on the week also needs to be physically able to share some of the daily juice and food preparation tasks, making this an excellent opportunity to learn and share new recipes and techniques for healthy eating such as making sprouted seeds and sauerkraut.


£800 is the normal price for the week (7 days, 8 nights).

£650 is the reduced price if you have attended one or more cleanses previously with Peter Hinde or Katherine Armitage. This is because you will need less supervision and in turn be able to supervise others a little in jobs such as meal and juice preparation, which is a great help to us.

£250 is the non-refundable deposit payable 2 weeks in advance.

If the numbers increase on a cleanse week there will be options for a lesser price based on more sharing a room or camping in the laid out spaces in the garden.

If you would like to exchange doing a bit of work for a reduction in price please talk to us. The work may be gardening, diy or domestic jobs, or perhaps you have skills which are useful to us (your profession or your passtimes). Similarly if you are a therapist you might find other participants would like to receive a session from you, effectively giving you some income to pay for the course. If you let us know what you do in advance, we'll tell you if you can help us or we can advertise your skills as a therapist to the other participants.

In summary:

Full Price: £800 1+ Previous Attendances: £650 Possible price reduction in exchange for work.

Three testimonies from Retreats in Devon in 2010

Attending and doing the 7 day retreat with Peter at the ideal location in Combe Martin, Devon, proved to be one of the most beneficial and enjoyable weeks I have ever spent. The B&B at Cranleigh House was comfortable and homely with great hosts Katherine and Stewart making the week a wonderful time. With Peter at the helm the whole week's activities were well organised and pleasant. There was 7 of us on the programme and we all became close friends. The Pointholding and Rebirthing sessions were a sensation to all of us, and rejuvenation of the mind body and spirit. Personally, I was sorry when the time came to leave at the end. Great value for the money paid. Do hope the next event will be soon, as I do not want to miss. Derek Moore, Billingham, Cleveland.
I found the week with Peter a truly healing and profound experience. I left feeling more energised than I have in years and was able to implement real change in my life when I returned home. I was not expecting such deep results from a week's course. I was particularly impressed by Peter's intuitive and innate ability to tap into every participant's needs and the time he took with each person with the pointholding to achieve real results. Oona Hawley, Devon
Peter has a passion for helping people to heal the parts of themselves which hold them back. After my first week with him I had a new vision of the person that I wanted to be, and couldn’t believe how joyful I found cleansing. Peter is a compassionate and humourous companion in a retreat and his impressive knowledge of naturopathy and natural modalities in general made me feel safe and reassured. I have recommended many people to see him and intend to do many more retreats with him in the future. Mary Lou, London