About Rhiw Goch.

A tour in photographs

The Tranquility of Rhiw Goch

Rhiw Goch is a 17th century longhouse on the hillside above the Lledr valley. It is half a mile up a steep climb from the main A470 and sits nicely on a small plateau at 720ft, not that far below the hill top. Its lands extend some 17.5 acres, mostly of unmanaged ancient oak woodland, but with extensive landscaped and managed gardens.

Originally two long houses, Rhiw Goch and Rhiw Goch Bach, at some point the two were joined into one larger property. This was at one time the main country house of the area, owning much of the land around, which is reflected by the National Trust "Rhiw Goch" sign on the main road. In the earlier part of the 20th Century it was owned by Major Chorley who for one thing we've heard, built the now mostly overgrown steps and pathway all the way down to the valley bottom. At some unknown point in history, the land surrounding the house was landscaped and natural areas made accessible by hidden paths and steps.

The previous custodian and psychotherapist Abigail King and her friends and clients brought back much of the gardens from bracken, gorse and heather. They built yet more paths up and down through the sloping lands creating stunning gardens of sequentially flowering rhodedendrons, azaelias and many, many other stunning flowering trees and bushes, layered back into the wild oak and birch woodland. You can wander these quiet paths without seeing anyone or be still and appreciate any number of idyllic secluded spots with their stone seats. You could come through the trees to the little clearing with just such a seat, overlooking the magnificence of the valley and surrounding hills covered by Gwydyr forest. Then again you might also find yourself clambering around like a child exploring secret gardens!

You can walk down the drive and join the public footpath to climb through craggy moorland offering magnificent vistas of the surrounding hills and mountains, or take your mountain bike up the Roman Road into the forest tracks that eventually lead you to Betws-y-Coed or Capel Curig. All the while, you will probably never see another soul. The energy here has to be felt to be understood. It feels wildly fresh, energising and healing. Here it is difficult to imagine you are anywhere in the modern bustling world.

The Seasons at Rhiw Goch

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Winter Gallery
Spring Gallery
Summer Gallery
Autumn Gallery

The Gardens in August 2018.

Path to a Viewpoint

Just outside Holiday Let, a path to a view across the valley to the mountains beyond.

The View

The view from above the Holiday Let.


The pond fed by a small stream, at least in wet weather.

view of house
Down to the House

The View Down to the House.

A Path to a Secluded Area.

One of several little paths, some of which were laid by Abigail's clients.

view from secluded area
View onto the Garden.

The View from the secluded area, ideal for camping.

gate at the top
Top of the Garden

The stretch up to the gate at the top of the garden. The gate goes onto the neighbouring field and going right takes you on a public footpath.

holiday let
The Holiday Let

The view of the holiday let from across the garden.

garden by house
A Section of Garden by the House

The richest variety of bushes and flowering plants is right here by the house.

garden by house
Another bit of Garden by the House.

We watched a hummingbird hawk moth here one morning in August!

Steps up to a Viewpoint

Another set of steps just out of the house. An ideal couple of stone seats for catching the last of the evening sun.

The Pond Again

The lilly pond up near the top of the gardens.

By the House

A section of garden close to the house.

By the House

Another section of garden close to the house.

Heading to the Bottom of the Garden

Down the slope at the back of the house.

The Little Cliff

At the bottom of the garden at the back of the house.

the wilderness
The View Down the Hill

There is one more clearing then wild woodland.

The Avenue
The Avenue

The walk up the avenue of trees to the viewpoint.

The Path to the Lower Clearing

From the back of the house down to the last clearing.

The Path up from the Lower Clearing

Another good place to camp.

The Pergoda

A private little area with a stone seat at the top of the stone steps in the next picture.

stone steps
Steps Down to the Clearing

The way down to a large clearing, sheltered by rock and trees. The stone steps down here need clearing.

Little Pond
The Small Pond

Small pond on the way to the magnificent viewpoint.

The View Across the Lledr Valley

THE view, at the top of the avenue and with a stone seat. Catch this one at its best in the morning sun.